Build teams that are connected, engaged, and highly productive. Gamification makes it easy for individuals to collaborate and sprint towards wins.

Improve Engagement

Reward meaningful work towards company goals and key results. Our system ensures each team member understands the why and what behind projects and tasks to do their best work.

Nurture a team around S.M.A.R.T. goals and OKRs.

Facilitate Teamwork

Create opportunities for teammates to be helpful and motivated by sharing recent wins, and recognize individual contributions with level ups and gold rewards.

Drive group achievements with meaningful badges to be awarded.

Key Insights About Productivity

Achieve 360° visibility into your organization to improve efficiencies and processes.

Integrates With Tools You Love

No need to install new software. We build on top of tools you already use and love, and is endlessly customizable and extendable with no-code. 

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