The Most Immersive MMORPG To Play For Life

Key Takeaways

  • Level up a character that lasts by turning life into a game
  • Multiplayer for personal development enhances the experience
  • The most rewarding MMORPG we can play is real life

I’ve been in love with MMORPGs ever since I started playing Runescape and Maplestory in 2005. It was so fun to come home from school and immerse myself in my favourite fantasy world.

My excitement came from questing and slaying monsters together with other players. The combination of adventure and community pushed me to level up faster and help my friends.

As I grew older, I kept wondering – how could I harness the same motivation and energy to make life better? How productive and happy could I be if I approached leveling up in real life with the same enthusiasm I had in games?

Most importantly, how can we never struggle alone on our adventures?

Turning My Life Into A Game

Traditionally, the term gamer holds a negative connotation of laziness and unproductivity. But when I observed the way that my friends and I enjoyed games – I saw only peak productivity. We would plan for raids, practice game mechanics to defeat bosses, and grind for weeks to earn levels and gear to beat the game.

So I thought – what if we could harness this energy, and apply it towards personal growth? How could we live a better life if we were incentivized to level up in reality? And most importantly, how can we bring the benefits of multiplayer to personal development?

For years, I’ve been researching what motivates us to be productive and enjoy what we do. To that end, I pursued a degree in Neuroscience and Psychology to understand our brains and how to hack it.


In November 2019, I stumbled upon Notion – the all-in-one productivity tool which had the flexibility to build on top of their application. I started #theGamificationProject with the following principle:

Every action should be gamified, with good behaviour reliably rewarded, and bad behaviour reliably disincentivized.

#theGamificationProject enables us to..

✅ Turn tedious tasks into engaging quests that earn experience points and gold.
✅ Build a storyline around quests that drive us towards the goals we strive for.
✅ Save our progress with meaningful daily reflections.
✅ Create our own badges and achievements to work up to.

This huge collaborative project is for my friends, family, and community to motivate us to live our best life and inspire a global movement. We’ve attracted thousands of like-minded people looking for a way to make work fun, engaging, and enjoyable.

Our community grew to thousands, across 100 countries. We’ve been called the best Notion template of 2021, and with the help of our ongoing patrons, we’ve been launching steady improvements. We’re so proud of our latest update – the tutorial island!

An Immersive Adventure

With the tutorial island, start your gamification journey with short quests that teach you how to set up your workspace. Each instructor has quirky and engaging dialogue to introduce you to each part of the system.

The tutorial is self-paced, so hand in your quests whenever you’re done and move on to the next instructor. You’ll earn experience points and gold for completing each quest – so make sure you hand them in!

Choose your class to get quests that build on your strengths and cover your weaknesses. We want to be as helpful as we can on your growth journey and help you achieve what you want.

Defeat your first dragon by customizing your dashboard. You can even theme your workspace to match your favourite fantasy world. Challenge the dragon with a party to make your adventure more enjoyable.

Multiplayer Adds A New Element

Adventuring with friends made the experience, and pushed me to progress in games. Having guild members with the same goals made me feel connected, and I felt at home with my tribe.

The Best MMORPG Ever?

For the last few years, millions of gamers around the world are suffering from MMORPG withdrawal. This is going to continue – this game genre is dying because it isn’t as profitable as other games, and have frustrations like…

  • Lack of end game content
  • Progression is slow and grindy
  • Graphics are 5/7 too much water 🤣

We have the opportunity to innovate on the next MMORPG to spend the next years of our lives with. Why don’t we turn life into a game so that we have…

  • Unlimited end game content
  • Progress that lasts forever
  • Graphics are 20/20

We’re taking the multiplayer experience that we love from MMORPGs and bringing it to personal development. Paired with #theGamificationProject, the Co-x3 Family Connection enables us to…

  • Understand what our loved ones are grinding towards
  • Get notified when friends and family have wins
  • Party with others who are on similar growth journeys

What’s Next For The Project?

We’re building a dedicated app that will enhance the current gamification experience on Notion and connect with other productivity apps like Airtable and Clickup. We want to help everybody make work fun to get stuff done – and visualize your character progression in real-time.

We have crazy ideas in the pipeline – interfacing with QR codes, NFC tags, augmented reality glasses, and much more. Stay tuned by following our progress on the Co-x3 Family Connection!

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